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Clay impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.

He thoroughly explained the sales process, answering all questions we had. He quickly responded to our phone calls and kept us informed throughout the process letting us know what to expect and when to expect it. I highly recommend Clay and look forward to working with him in the future.

Julian Poland

As a Realtor I find it to be rare to work with another Realtor that is as professional, knowledgeable, and that knows the home selling/purchasing process as well as Broker Clay Coker.

The escrow process with Clay was simply smooth. It was a true pleasure working with Clay. I will highly recommend Clay for any of your real estate needs. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Romeo Suarez

Clay was referred to us from a San Diego realtor as “the best” in the area.

We hired Clay to help sell our home. Our experience with Clay was extremely positive despite minor bumps (Due to buyer party) along the way. 1. Clay was extremely responsive regardless of day or time. He promptly returned calls, texts emails and most important to me, I didn’t have to repeat myself or remind him of anything. He knew what was going on, who we were and proactively reached out. I’ve worked with realtors where you have to remind them what’s going on and keep on them and repeat yourself 50 times. NOT with Clay. 2. Clay made a personal visit with my wife and in our home then listed the home immediately after. The initial listing showed the home well but I felt that we needed even more pictures; I asked Clay if he could arrange that and we had pictures up within three days. We were somewhat demanding clients and Clay took the requests, questions, multiple calls and texts very well and gave us some really good recommendations. 3. Clay knows his stuff. We had multiple offers, some so ridiculous (asking for closing costs or 15k below asking price), I thought I was in a bad dream. Clay had a good idea on what we were after and recommended actions. Once a good offer did come in, the buyer stalled, and threw curve balls at us left and right…THIS is where a really experienced person like Clay comes along. It isn’t just about listing a house and writing a nice review with some good pictures, it’s knowing what to do and how to handle situations when things don’t go as planned. I felt like we had hired a real-estate agent AND a lawyer. When the buyer signed and then didn’t come through on contractual obligations or waited literally to the last second, Clay stepped in beforehand and sent various “notices to perform,” had back up plans for us and played hardball when it needed to get played. This is where I feel if we went with some 20-early 30 something dude bro with fancy advertising but limited experience, we would have been screwed. Clay was not phased, assured us he has been through this before multiple times and it showed. In conclusion, when the San Diego CEO of the top agent businesse recommends Clay, When even the buyers say “we wish we would have hired your (meaning Clay) agent, I want to choke ours” and finally when I recommend this guy to you, trust me and go with him. Being an agent is natural to him and he has experience in dealing with situations when they don’t go as planned. Side note, my dog hates strangers and liked him and he was great with my kid.

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"Clay went above his duties for selling or home. He did things that others would not. We live out of state and he kept an eye on our home. I would recommend Clay to anyone that needs a realtor. more "
by jras1947
"Clay was upfront and honest and we felt very comfortable trusting him with the sale of our home. We immediately had walkthroughs schedules and offers in a few days. He walked us through everything. I ... more "
by Jessica A Rittgarn
"Clay was great to deal with. He is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable and thorough. Actually, we had several offers on our house within days of the house being ready to be on the market and closed ... more "
by jdprwe

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